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>> Pokémon GO - TO SPOOF OR NOT TO SPOOF (part 2)

It is unfortunate that I didn't have time to blog recently - I surely do miss writing for the masses!

In the previous entry I covered how after six months of playing Pokémon GO you can get to a point where it is the same thing, day in and day out. There is a way to get more excitement out of the game; but, it may be at risk of losing access to the game completely - so far, it hasn't been an issue for those who have explored this new way of playing Pokémon GO. Worst case; you could create a new account and start all over again - it surely would not be fun that is for sure.

First of all; lets introduce ourselves into what we are going to do.

When you play Pokémon GO, your mobile phone obtains GPS co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) which represents your physical location on this ball of rock we call our planet. Niantic then uses this information to provide the application with all the Pokémon within a specific radius - it has changed over time, but this is how it generates the nearby list and other goodies. When you are within a specific distance of a Pokémon; it will appear on the screen allowing interaction with it.

While I am not going to go into the details of how to install the software that allows you to 'fake' your GPS location (plenty of guides exist) I will cover how to use it correctly - at least, potentially minimizing the risk of getting banned from the game. I have an android based phone; so I am using one of many on Google Play and it works well; even though rubber banding does occur every now and then - just need keep an eye on it before you risk losing a rare Pokémon.

The great thing about these applications is they also allow you to get to Pokéstops and gyms without actually having to leave your home - something that may be a factor if you desperately need some items and you do not want to venture our into a blizzard or cyclone! It may also be the only way some people can actually play the game - think about those with disabilities who cannot go outside, or even those who are hospitalized and have restricted movement.

The secret to GPS spoofing in Pokémon GO is technique - practice makes perfect!

You can experiment initially by using the software sitting on your couch or sofa and venture out around your typical walking routes and interact with the various elements out there - it is a good thing to get used to; if you want to maximize your GPS spoofing experience, good control is key.

Had enough of your local area? Now it is time to get serious - bookmark www.catch-em-all.org.

This is a community run discord channel where you can find all the information you could dream about when it comes to the strength, level, movesets and more importantly - the location of any Pokémon you want. It wont take long to find all the pokedex and super rare Pokémon.

Just a small snippet from the #100_iv_ms_cp channel - as Pokémon with 100% IV are discovered around the world; they appear in the channel. All you need to do is monitor the channel and then note down the GPS co-ordinates to 'snipe' the Pokémon for your collection. Sounds simple?

Well - there is a small trick to it, or you will get soft-banned and frustrated very quickly.

  • bookmark your current location in your GPS spoofer application
  • jump to the required GPS co-ordinates of the Pokémon you want
  • wait patiently for the Pokémon to appear
  • when the Pokémon appears - select it, do not throw any balls!
  • jump back to the location that you previously bookmarked
  • catch the Pokémon, high-five yourself and celebrate!

If you have not forgotten to return to your current location - you should now have a rare and exclusive Pokémon in your pokedex. You still need to catch them - so, they may still run away as well. If they run away immediately, you may have been soft-banned. Better luck next time.

Be careful - do not update your device right now! Google want to ruin it, by disabling GPS spoofing!

If you live in a rural area where Pokéstops are few and far between - why not get the GPS co-ordinates of a very popular area, such as central park in New York, or the Santa Monica pier. If you do decide to wander around using your new skills (GPS spoofing, wandering around) - find the nearest Pokéstop and open/spin/close it forty times, the soft-ban will be removed and you can venture around in the new location! You can now go placed you never dreamed of before!

Want to check out Area 51 (37.234332396,-115.80666344) at all?

The US government wants to keep some areas classified, even in games like Pokémon GO.

In the next entry I will show you some of the more elusive Pokémon that I have caught - trust me, even with this knowledge, there is still so much to the game than just jumping around the world. I look forward to returning to my country town and own all the gyms that exist for a few days.


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