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>> Pokémon GO - TO SPOOF OR NOT TO SPOOF (part 6)

Sometimes you cannot let a thread go - however things just got interesting for Niantic.

Niantic, the creator of Pokémon GO is being sued believe it or not with the argument that virtual entities (pokéstop, pokémon) are subject to trespassing laws - meaning they shouldn't exist on private property. Last year; a previous lawsuit was filed in relation to how the game encouraged players to trespass on private property - but the burden of proof was if Niantic profited from it or not. It now asks a bigger question, which is going to the high court - can virtual objects trespass?

We have all seen the videos of mass hysteria when Pokémon GO players form in masses and cause a stampede in order to catch a very rare Pokémon - like the Lapras stampede just after the game was released. It seems some private people, even local councils have had enough!

... or this lovely footage in Taiwan ..

Pokémon GO is one of the first games to take the concept of virtual objects, and augmented reality to the masses - a ruling of this magnitude could have massive implications in the development of the field. How will it ripple down into other location aware technologies? Will locals sue GPS manufacturers for putting points of interest on maps because they attract visitors?

Originally; I was going to put the argument for spoofing - as, people would be able to catch elusive Pokémon without bothering the residents or the people who live around where they spawn. Niantic has already been forced to remove pokéstops from public places due to complaints.

It will be interesting to see how that spans out.

In regards to my own Pokémon hunting? Well - people said that Niantic's new shiny Pokémon handling would be a problem for spoofers; how far from the truth could they be. I was able to catch two shiny Magikarp; simply by chaining the catches - jumping all over the world, focusing on 90+ IVs and after one hundred encounters, I had two - one 96 IV and the other 100 IV.

Just a pity the 100 IV Magikarp wasn't a higher level - gonna cost me in stardust to power up.


Unfortunately; I didn't get the right move set when evolved but this will do fine in my collection.


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